Saturday, January 10, 2009

Facebook - My New Addiction

So, every once in a while something comes along that I feel as though I can not live without. First, there was David. Then Ian. Then Nathan. Most recently, my iphone. But now, I have discovered something new - Facebook. Dear lord! Sarah sent me the invite becasue she had opened an account to stay in contact with friends from college. I knew that a couple of my friends had accounts, so I figured, 'What the heck - might as well get in on it!' Well, now that was a mistake! I now have 72 friends and have installed the Facebook application on my iphone so I can check in when I"m not near a computer.

In my defense, it has been very cool to connect with people from high school and find out what the friends that consumed my days for four years are doing now eleven years later. Marriages, divorces, kids, businessess, school - lots of "Wow, I can't believe they are doing that!" moments, and dissapointments because those 'really cool' people in high school that were beautiful and popular are still beautiful and popluar. (Although, the reason we looked them up was to see if they had gotten fat and were working at McDonald's...)

It's sad, really, that my desire to connect with people has led to an obsession, but I have been assured (by my cousin Amy), that the overwhelming need to check my Facebook page will go away in a week or two. Until then, my new motto will come from a button on my Facebook corkboard sent to me by my best friend Jaime... "Not now, Mommy's on Facebook!"

To open your own facebook account, just go to, login and, and let the fun begin! :o) Addiction breeds addiction, right?!?!

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Jaime and Faith said...

I almost died laughing when i read this. I love how you compare facebook to other things you can't live without like our husband and your children :) too funny. Keep updating the blog though, i love to read it